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Zoho CRM and Electron

February 19, 2018

Recently my team has switched to Zoho for everything relating to our clients. Before using Zoho, we had a culmination of services that didn’t really talk together and finding info on a client in one place was ’near’ impossible. (Unless we wanted to spend an eternity connecting countless API's)

Enter Zoho CRM. We’ve tried a number of CRM’s with varying levels of success, but now we can track everything from phone calls to Twitter DM’s... all from one place. #prettyschweet

Here’s my hang up with it though. I hate browser apps! Not completely, but when I’m using something off and on for hours a day, I want a dedicated app on my Mac. Usually I just run the awesome Nativefier, and it works perfectly. However this time, I just didn’t find myself happy with the way it looked. So... I decided to learn Electron and try it myself. (I do recognize I have a problem lol)

So without further ado, here‘s my Zoho CRM Electron app.

Image of Zoho CRM Electron App

If you have any ideas or issues with it, I’d love to know!